Our Mission, Our People

Mission Statement

The Cancer Association of Anderson is the only local cancer charity in Anderson County. Our mission is to help reduce the burden of cancer on Anderson County residents battling cancer by providing treatment-related financial assistance, information and referral
as well as emotional support.


    CAA Board of Directors

Jackie Freeman , President

Sarah Shumpert, Vice President
Gina Smith & Sue Tuten, Treasurers
Tom Martin, Secretary

Margaret Barnes
Kay Burns

Leander Cannick, MD
Jeff DeLo, MD
 Samantha Carter
Gina Smith
Julie Hart

Sandra Martoccia
Marlene McClain
Glenn Skawski
Kathryn Smith


 Staff Members

Angela Stringer, Executive Director 
Kathy Mulz, Interim Site Manager
Ryan Hulon, Community Outreach & Veterans
Bookkeeping by Argo & Associates, LLP
Teresa Lott, Grants

Cancer Association of Anderson

215 East Calhoun Street
Anderson, SC 29621
Phone: 864-222-3500 Fax: 864-222-3502

Office Manager: Kathy@CAAnderson.org
Community Outreach: Ryan@CAAnderson.org
CAA is not affiliated with or supported by the American Cancer Society.